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How a PSYCH-K® Session is structured

A PSYCH-K® Session is usually 60 to 90 Minutes. In the first 5-10 minutes you will explain to me what the issue is that you want to resolve or the goal you would like to reach. We will find the subconscious Beliefs that are crucial for achieving your goal. I will guide you step by step through the “Balance” process, which will allow you to fix the new Beliefs in your subconscious in just a few minutes.
Changing beliefs in a PSYCH-K® session are like planting seeds in the subconscious mind. Once the new beliefs are ‘planted’, there is new potential available to you. The tangible results of the subconscious change come from taking action. I will help you develop an action plan of 1 or 2 actions that will put all the beliefs you have integrated, during the session, into practice. Not all beliefs need an action, as the change can come spontaneously. 
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Number of PSYCH-K® Sessions

Unlike other methodologies, PSYCH-K® does not usually need many sessions to work on a specific topic, so I suggest starting with one. You may already notice changes during the session itself, immediately afterwards, or in the following days. The process continues automatically over the hours, days and weeks after the session.


After the initial session, I suggest that you observe the effect of the work done in your everyday life. Once you start noticing results, you can decide whether you need another session and when. This is generally not sooner than 2 or 3 weeks if you want to continue working on the same goal; even sooner if you want to work on a different objective. You may also see changes affecting other areas of your life rather than those you specifically worked on during the session but also aspects closely related will change. You may well be surprised by the results!

What type of session can I have?

As well as online, I am delighted to offer this exclusive experience - PSYCH-K in nature, facilitated at the glorious 'Valbasca Path' Lipomo (CO) Italy, which fits in beautifully with PSYCH-K's principles of nature. There is no better life coach than nature herself. What better place to engage with the deepest parts of yourself, than immersing in beautiful deciduous forests alternating with wide meadows, while allowing nature to cleanse and integrate your energies inbetween the PSYCH-K balances, in this 90mins experience. We will walk and talk through what you would like to work on, identify your goals, then enter into the balancing processes, on this easy to follow path, in the open air in woods of great beauty. There are plenty of benches and other sitting possibilities along the path, to pause and relax. Balances can be done standing or sitting. Location can easily be reached by car or bus directly from the city of Como.

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